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The Thrill of the Hunt: Finding a Vintage Designer Handbag

There are several reasons why you might have decided to buy vintage designer handbags, from wanting to make a more sustainable fashion choice to wanting something unique and timeless! No matter what your reason, we definitely back it! Not all cities are created equal in terms of vintage store offerings, we few of our suggestions on where you can find, both vintage and online: 


Websites like eBay, Etsy and Depop offer a wide range of vintage designer handbags, what is great about these is you can check out a seller's rating. Be sure to double check how they have authenticated the item and what their return policy is like, try to find someone that regardless of time passed if it is found to be fake that you can still return it. Protecting yourself is key! 

Second hand stores: 

Some cities have amazing vintage stores, so be sure to check out your local offerings if you are one of the lucky cities that has an abundance of vintage stores. I love Nordic Poetry in London, they have the most beautiful and rare pieces. If you are not shopping in a well known store, be sure to know what to look out for in terms of spotting counterfeit items. We will be posting a guide for this soon, stay tuned. 


This is probably for the much more high end pieces, like super rare Hermes Birkins (check this one out which sold for $200,000!) but auctions are an option for some vintage pieces. The two most well known auction houses are Christie’s and Sotheby’s, they don’t always have vintage designer handbags up for auction, but keep an eye out for when they do. Tip before entering an auction: Familiarise what will be up for auction, set your budget and stick to it when bidding

Resale websites: 

We’ve mentioned a few luxury resale platforms previously, which can have a wide selection of vintage designer handbags. Unfortunately you should be prepared to pay a premium price, as some of these sites take 15% leading to the sellers increasing item price to ensure they get their desired margin. Websites like bynothingnew offer fully authenticated vintage designer handbags and at a more affordable price, due to working with small trustworthy vintage suppliers, ensuring we can keep costs down for you! Our first stock drop is coming soon…
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