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Vintage Vibes: Gen Z's Tips for Building a Vintage Designer Handbag Collection

Vintage Vibes: Gen Z's Tips for Building a Vintage Designer Handbag Collection

Building a vintage designer handbag collection can be an exciting endeavor. Here are some tips and tricks for Gen Z to help you start and curate your collection:


If you have no experience in the world of vintage designer handbags, research different brands, styles, and their history. Know iconic designs, materials, and craftsmanship techniques. This will allow you to make informed decisions when purchasing and evaluating bags.

Know your Style and Aesthetic:

Vintage designer handbags come in a wide range of stylees. Know what your your personal style and prefereed aesthetic is. This will guide you in choosing bags that allow you to curate a cohesive collection.

Set a Budget

Vintage designer handbags can vary significantly in price, depending on factors such as brand, condition, rarity, and demand. Determine your budget and be realistic about what you can afford. Remember when shopping it person be firm with yourself and don’t impulse purchase! One benefit of purchasing online can help prevent this!

Buy from Trusted Sources

When buying vintage designer handbags, it's crucial to ensure their authenticity. Purchase from platforms that specialize in vintage designer handbags & have a robust authentication process (read about ours here).

Authenticate Before Buying

Avoid counterfeit items & authenticate in advance!! Either familiarize yourself with the specific characteristics, logos, stitching, hardware, and materials associated with the brand and style you're interested in or purchase from a retailer with full authentication before purchase!

Start with Classic Designs

Building a foundation of timeless and iconic designs is a great way to start your collection. Classic styles like the Louis Vuitton Pochette, Chanel Double Flap, Hermès Birkin, Louis Vuitton Speedy, or Gucci Boat Pochette are super versatile & retain their value over time.

Look for Unique Pieces

Vintage designer handbags are an opportunity for unique and rare pieces that may not be available in current collections. Look for limited editions, discontinued styles, or special collaborations to add a touch of exclusivity and individuality to your collection.

Network Network Network

There are so many vintage enthusiasts, fashion communities, and collectors that you can connect with. Go to vintage fashion events, auctions, and second hand markets to expand your knowledge and make industry connections.

Remember, vintage designer handbags are not only fashionable accessories but also investment pieces that are more sustainable for our planet than buying new. With the right care, they can retain or increase their value over time. Enjoy building a collection that tells the world of unique style.

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