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Throwback: The Vintage Designer Handbags It-Girls Can't Get Enough Of

Throwback: The Vintage Designer Handbags It-Girls Can't Get Enough Of


From the pages of Vogue to on the arms of It-girls like Bella Hadid, Vintage Designer Handbags are proving they not only stand the test of time, but make any outfit infinitely cooler. We've rounded the most popular Vintage Designer Handbag as seen on your fav It-Girls. 


Dior saddle 

This iconic bag debuted in 1999 on the runway of the John Galliano SS 00 collection and quickly became the must have fashion accessory! With everyone having this bag on their arm from celebrities to Carrie Bradshaw. The 00s came and went, and those who held on to their bags reaped the rewards when in 2018 the saddle bag returned to Kim Jones first collection for Dior Homme and FW18 range. Since these shows the piece has returned to the spotlight and is now seen on every It girl and street style icon today. 

vintage dior saddle bag


Fendi Baguette 

The accessory is often considered the first ever It bag, the style debuted in 1997 and was quickly dubbed the Baguette. It was popularised on Sex and the City where Carrie was a die hard Fendi Baguette Fan and has since dramatically increased its popularity since 2019 thanks to Fendi re-issuing 25 styles, Y2K style being popularised and It-girls like Gigi Hadid & Caro Daur wearing this It-bag. Keep your eyes peeled because we might have a Baguette or two in our upcoming drop. 

vintage fendi baguette


Louis Vuitton Pochette

I am a huge fan of the Louis Vuitton Pochette, they have been around for 20+ years and has maintained its popularity since release. Due to the quality & craftsmanship of these bags, they are typically in great condition even when pre-loved. Not to mention they also have had some really special limited edition pieces, which can be rare and hard to find. These limited edition pieces value increase over time, making it a great investment. Check out the dreamy collab with Takashi murakami below

Louis vuitton takashi murakami pochette


Chanel Double flap

This one is pretty obvious, everyone know the ICONIC Double Flap. We've discussed previously the price increases from Chanel have been so crazy in the past few years, that buying one brand new is an investment and something to think about. Because of these price increases, they are definitely an asset. I don't think they would be particularly great in terms of reselling for higher than you bought it for due to many colours being readily available, although waitlists are not uncommon. So, if you know you want one, buying vintage might be the way to go. 

chanel black double flap bag with gold hardware 


Prada Nylon

Case & point for re-visiting the archives are the Iconic Prada Nylon Bags from 2000-2005 which we are seeing a huge interest in now. The best thing about buying this bag from a pre-loved reseller is they are often in amazing condition because nylon is really durable and has few signs of ware. A pre-loved Prada that looks brand new? At a better price point? Yes please.

prada black nylon


It's very common for fashion houses to re-visit their archive to release new collections, so it might be worth looking to invest in a pre-loved piece. For example, Tom Ford Gucci Horsebit 1995 handbag - which I am personally lusting after - after their AW23 show demand increased massively, proving that re-releases happen all the time & can skyrocket demand! All in all, these bags are proving that vintage never goes out of style, and they're investment to our wardrobes.


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