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Luxury Handbag 101: The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your First Designer Handbag

This is really exciting you are ready to buy your first designer handbag! Investing in a piece that you will have forever is really exciting but can be a bit overwhelming. To make things a bit easier, check out some steps that will help the process: 


Depending on what designer handbag you are looking for, the price can vary massively. So it’s important for you to decide what is your budget for this, are you thinking of starting with a cute Louis Vuitton Pochette? Or are you thinking of a Chanel Double Flap? Determine what you are comfortable spending, set your limit as and stick to it!



Okay, you’ve set your budget, what next? Do some research. What are the designers you love? What bags will retain their value? What are some classic styles that never go out of fashion. Read blogs, magazines (Vogue is always a great place to start), watch Youtube & TikTok videos (we love find Charles Gross) and look on social media to help you figure out what you love. 


Size and Style

An important but often overlooked step, think about what you need this bag to do. Is it a work bag? Is it a night out bag? If you need it to run errands, I would avoid - even though they are so cute - bags like Jacquemus Le Chiquito. Think about what you will need the bag for and go from there! 


Shop around: 

Don’t just accept the first price you see! Go to different stores and e-commerce retailers. Lyst are always a good to check out, you can favourite an item and you get notified if they drop in price! Consider buying a pre-loved or vintage bag, there are so many out there in amazing condition and are often much more affordable (and sustainable) than brand new. We may have some cute pieces coming soon, stay tuned. 



Finally!! The fun part, buy the bag!!! 


Take care of your bag: 

Once you have bought your bag, take good care of it to ensure it keeps looking amazing for years to come. 
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