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Investing in Your First Designer Handbag: Where to Look

Following on from our guide to The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your First Designer Handbag! Now that you have decided on what you want your first designer handbag to be, all you have to do it make the purchase. Check out our suggestions for where to buy your first designer handbag:

Official store or website 

This is a bit obvious, but going in store to buy your handbag is probably your best option. Doing this will allow you to see, feel and size up your first designer handbag. Alternatively, just as safe is buying the item online, but many designers do not offer e-commerce. 

Department store 

Some department stores carry concessions of different designer brands, where you can potentially find the designer handbag you are looking for. For example, Brown Thomas in Ireland, Harrods in the UK, Galeries Lafayette in France, Illum in Denmark, Nordiska Kompaniet in Sweden. You get the picture. You are also at a chance of getting a discount in department stores on luxury items that the official stores don't offer. 

Online retailer

A very convenient way of buying your first designer handbag is online! Stores like Net-A-Porter, Farfetch and MyTheresa would be my personal go-tos. They often have influencer discount codes and an occasional sale that you can use on certain items, so you might be able to get your new bag for a better price than in store! 

Consignment stores: 

If you have made the savvy decision to buy a pre-loved designer handbag, consignment stores are an option. Some of these platforms like Vestiaire take 15%, so sellers often mark up the price accordingly. By Nothing New has the ability to keep prices lower due to working with a network of authenticated suppliers to ensure no such mark up will come to our pre-loved pieces.
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