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Vintage Designer Handbags: An Insider’s Guide to Buying a Vintage Designer Handbag in Person

If you are looking to buy a vintage designer handbag, firstly - excellent choice! The post is a follow on from our post about Why Buy a Vintage Designer Handbag, so now let's go into the how! Here are some tips to keep in mind for making the best purchase: 


Research beforehand 

Get an idea of what you are looking for prior to going shopping, it can be so easy to get wrapped up in beautiful new shiny things, but if it’s not what you were originally looking for it might result in disappointment. Something to know before you go: what style your looking for, what price you're willing to pay and what condition you want the bag to be in. 


Make a list of reputable stores

When shopping for a vintage designer handbag, look for established & well known vintage and consignment stores. Going somewhere with a good reputation will ensure you are more likely to have a great experience in store. Check online reviews on google my business or ask friends where they have bought vintage handbags before. I know I've mentioned them before but in London, Nordic Poetry have the most amazing pieces I've ever seen. 


Inspect the bag

Buying a vintage designer bag means someone has owned it before you, so it’s really important to inspect the piece. When inspecting, check for signs of wear, inspect the hardware, check the lining, pockets, stitching. Some wear is very normal for a pre-loved piece, but it’s important for the item to be priced accordingly! 


Ask questions: 

When you are looking to invest in a vintage designer handbag, it is completely normal to ask in the store questions about the bag. Some questions I would ask would be about the bag model, year it was made, how they have authenticated the item (keep your eyes peeled for a Beginners Guide to Authentication coming soon!)


Returns policy

Before you buy anything from a vintage or consignment store, be sure to check what their returns policy is! There are legal requirements in terms of returns policies within the EU, but double check that you can return the item if it was found to be fake. Protect yourself queen!


Lastly, just buy from by nothing new! 

Buying in store is great if you have access to reputable vintage designer stores, but as an alternative you’ll always have by nothing new as an option! Keep your eye out for sneak peeks of our first drop in the coming weeks... 


Overall, making a vintage purchase is a smart decision. From the perspective of your wallet, sustainability and your own personal style. But do your research & take your time to find the perfect piece.

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